Landfill Permitting Process

American Landfill has many authorizations from federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. The solid waste landfill permitting process in Ohio is very comprehensive. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) is the primary agency that regulates solid waste disposal facilities. The Ohio EPA has several divisions that regulate different aspects of a facility:

  • Division of Solid and Infectious Waste Management - regulates overall facility operations
  • Division of Drinking and Groundwater - reviews all groundwater plans and reports
  • Division of Surface Water - issues surface water permits and is responsible for surface water compliance
  • Division of Air Pollution Control - issues air permit(s) and is responsible for air compliance

In general, the permitting process includes the following steps:

  • Permit application
  • Public Meeting
  • Public Information Session
  • Permit Review
  • Draft Permit to Install (PTI)
  • Public Meeting
  • Final Action

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American Landfill Permits

American Landfill is regulated by Ohio EPA solid waste regulations. American Landfill began solid waste disposal operations on December 17, 1976 after the facility's first Permit To Install (PTI) from the Ohio EPA. Since this time, the facility has received several PTI(s) as the solid waste disposal operations expanded.

The facility currently operates under a Subtitle D permit that was issued on May 15, 1996. As part of this permit, American Landfill is required to construct the facility in accordance with the "Best Available Technology" (BAT), which includes but not limited to the installation of a state of the art liner system, leachate collection system, landfill gas collection system and capping system.

In addition to the solid waste permit, the facility operates under several permits:

  • Solid waste license issued by Stark County Health Department
  • Tire monofill (tire shredding and disposal) issued by the Ohio EPA
  • Title V permit (air permit) issued by the Ohio EPA
  • Surface water permit issued by the Ohio EPA
  • Coal mining permit issued by the Ohio EPA
  • Bulking facility permit (solidification) permit issued by the Ohio EPA

In addition to the permits, American Landfill is required to maintain numerous monitoring plans. Some examples include the waste acceptance program, groundwater monitoring plan, stormwater pollution prevention plan, gas monitoring plan, odor control and management plan and various other plans required as part of facility operations.

The facility is required to comply with all permit requirements including special conditions as required by Ohio EPA. All permits, compliance documents, inspections, correspondence and reports are maintained at the landfill as part of the facility's operating record.

Ten Year Best Available Technology (BAT) Demonstration:

American Landfill's disposal capacity must be reviewed every ten years by the Ohio EPA to determine if the facility's operations continue to meet Best Available Technology (BAT). As part of this submittal, the facility compares the design included in the permit application with the existing OEPA rules and engineering guidance and standards, and proposes how it would meet the new rules and standards. This process ensures that the facility is constructed and operated in accordance with BAT standards.