Landfill Design & Construction

American Landfill is committed to environmental quality and integrity. Teaming the most current available technology with a highly-trained professional staff, the landfill ensures the waste is disposed of safely, protecting the environment and public health.

The facility is required to prepare a detailed hydrological report and engineering plans. In general, these plans outline the following:

  • Location of the facility
  • Limits of proposed waste placement (waste footprint), height of the landfill, existing and proposed structures and utilities, setbacks, estimated site life, disposal capacity, phasing plans and other pertinent information as required by the Ohio EPA rules
  • Detailed hydrogeology review of the facility including monitoring plans and groundwater chemistry
  • Detailed engineering calculations for each component of the landfill, construction and testing specifications for landfill construction components and other pertinent information as required by the rules.

Site Development

Site Development is one of the key features of a facility. The proposed waste disposal area is divided into phases, and each phase is further divided into individual waste disposal cells based on the waste disposal capacity as required by the facility.

Some of the key components of a phase include but not limited to proposed waste fill placement plans that provides height and direction of fill placement, roads, construction/relocation of existing building structures, construction of other monitoring and control structures such as groundwater wells, landfill gas collection wells, erosion control structures such as silt traps, channels, and sedimentation ponds.

Landfill Components

Waste disposal at American Landfill is done with protection of the environment in mind. A composite liner/leachate collection system is installed at the current waste disposal area. It consists of multiple layers that separate the waste from, and protect the environment.

The following are the key landfill components at American Landfill: