Facility Information

American Landfill is located in Northeast Ohio in a rural setting approximately two miles north of Waynesburg, Ohio, in Sandy Township. The area on which American Landfill now exists was originally used for agricultural purposes but then was surface-mined for coal in the 1950's. In 1975, Leroy Breitenstine received the first of three solid waste Permit to Install (PTI's) approvals from the Ohio EPA and began landfill operations in early 1976.

American Waste Services, Inc. purchased Breitenstine's Landfill in 1989 and operated the facility until 1998. In June of that year, USA Waste Services of Ohio, Inc. acquired American Waste Services that included American Landfill and American Tire Monofill.

In July, USA Waste, Inc. and Waste Management, Inc. merged, and thus American Landfill, Inc. became a division of Waste Management, Inc.