Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is an integral part of facility operations at American Landfill. In general, the environmental monitoring program includes:

  • Surface water monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Gas monitoring

American Landfill utilizes highly trained and skilled professionals to perform the required environmental monitoring at the site.

Surface Water Monitoring

Six sedimentation ponds are sampled and tested weekly, monthly, semi-annually, and annually for different parameters in accordance with American Landfill's surface water permits. Monthly reports are submitted to the Ohio EPA, and records are maintained at the facility. In addition to surface water testing, inspections are performed on a monthly and quarterly basis in accordance with the facility's storm water pollution prevention plan.

Groundwater Monitoring

Another key component of American Landfill's environmental program is groundwater protection. It is included in all aspects of development from the initial planning, through the permitting process, during operations, and post-closure.

The groundwater monitoring system at American Landfill consists of a total of 38 monitoring wells that monitor three separate zones. These wells are sampled semi-annually for approximately 79 parameters and reports are submitted to the Ohio EPA and Stark County Health Department in accordance with the Ohio EPA rules. The groundwater monitoring team also performs the well inspection survey as part of the groundwater sampling. All corrective actions are immediately implemented if any deficiencies are noted.

Gas Monitoring

Gas monitoring is conducted on a monthly basis. Three permanent probes and several temporary monitors are located on site to monitor gas. Over 100 wells collect methane gas generated by the natural decomposition of waste. The collected gas is safely burned through a flare system or utilized at the gas plant for treatment and distribution. The gas system is monitored on a bi-weekly basis with the report submitted to the Canton City Health Department - Division of Air Pollution Control. The facility also conducts quarterly surface scans of the filled areas. The final surface of filled areas is scanned continuously with a gas monitor every 50 feet to monitor surface gas from the landfill cover on a quarterly basis. The report is submitted to the Canton City Health Department.