Expansion Project

American Landfill has less than four years of disposal capacity. Waste Management plans to develop approximately 338 acres of the landfill that could extend current operations by an additional 40 years. American Landfill will maintain its high level of commitment to environmental protection and continue to meet all regulatory requirements.

American Landfill's expansion design incorporates use of "Best Available Technology" (BAT) and utilizes a state-of-the-art liner system.

Some of the key components: 

  • Separatory liner system
    • Includes 2 ft. thick recompacted clay liner (1x10-7 cm/sec) permeability, flexible membrane liner, and a leachate collection system
    • Will be installed on top of the existing waste
    • Comprehensive horizontal landfill gas collection system will be installed below the separatory liner to collect landfill gas
  • Liner system utilized in new construction areas will consist of:
    • 3 ft. thick recompacted clay liner
    • Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL)
    • 60 mil textured High Density Polyethylene Liner
    • Leachate collection system

Other Highlights:

  • Landfill Gas
    As part of the project, American Landfill plans to install a robust landfill gas collection system. Over 200 landfill gas collection wells will be installed. The landfill gas when treated serves as a beneficial source of energy. Currently, the landfill gas is treated and provides energy that can heat over 6,000 homes a day. In addition to heating, future plans may include generation of electricity using state-of-the-art landfill gas to energy technology that is being used through the country.
  • Surface Water Enhancements
    The landfill design proposes to enhance surface water management. In conjunction with the wetlands project, the surface water flows are optimized so that it would nourish and promote growth and significantly improve the wetlands located in the buffer areas at the facility.
  • Environmental Monitoring
    The design includes an extensive network of groundwater monitoring wells and gas monitoring probes surrounding the waste placement area. Groundwater sampling and testing and gas monitoring will be performed in accordance with Ohio EPA regulations and reports will be submitted to the Ohio EPA and Stark County Health Department. Records of monitoring and testing will be maintained at American Landfill's office as part of the operating record.

With input from federal and state agencies, American Landfill's expansion plan would create more than ten acres of new wetlands, preserve the high-quality wetlands, and affect less than ten acres of existing wetlands. The new wetlands would be created in alternate locations on the facility prior to affecting the existing wetlands. The new wetlands would be monitored for a minimum of five years until they are fully functional. Some of the other improvements include providing over 100 acres of permanent conservation/preservation easements, maintaining a permanent existing wooded buffer along the periphery of the site, and incorporating various other design features that will enhance the functions of the existing wetlands.

As part of the wetlands project, American Landfill is planning to establish outdoor education programs where classes can spend time at the facility conducting various nature studies as part of their curriculum.

American Landfill's operations represent a significant economic benefit to Sandy Township, the local communities, Stark County and neighboring counties including Tuscarawas and Wayne. Just in 2002, American Landfill spent over $4.2 million on local purchases/services and another $3.5 million with local vendors for capital construction.

An approved expansion would mean many economic benefits for the area including:

  • Continuation of jobs
  • Direct and indirect expenditures into the local and regional economies
  • Fees and taxes paid to the local governments that help to sustain necessary services for the community