The protection of the environment along with meeting or exceeding federal, state and local regulations is another priority at American Landfill. Municipal solid waste landfills are one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States today. At American Landfill, employees are proud of their site and strive to make it the best facility possible. Go to Environmental Monitoring link for details relating to compliance.

Litter is controlled by:

  • Tarped loads
  • Daily cover with tarps or soil
  • A 25 foot high by 4,000 foot long litter fence
  • Laborers picking up litter on a regular basis
  • Laborers are also sent offsite to pick up litter from trucks on the nearby main roads
  • Nearby illegal dumping sites are also periodically patrolled

Odor control

As part of its Odor Management Plan, American Landfill controls potential odors by the utilization of daily cover placed over the waste. Unlike many other landfills, American Landfill conducts odor surveys that are done twice a day. Also, the facility has three odor suppression systems:

  1. A 3,000 foot system that borders the north end of the landfill
  2. A 1,200 foot long mobile system
  3. A 1,000 foot system installed in the staging area where trucks are parked prior to unloading

These systems are high-pressure water systems that are injected with odor treatment solution and forced through nozzles similar to nozzles at a car wash. The water comes out of the nozzle as a fine mist and travels in the breeze. The odor solution is a neutralizer that attacks and eliminates the odors.

Waste Acceptance Program

A rigorous waste-screening and acceptance program is utilized to identify and restrict the disposal of unauthorized materials. Unauthorized wastes include hazardous wastes and untreated medical wastes. All employees are trained in the proper observation, identification and handling of waste.

The acceptance of waste from commercial and industrial customers undergoes a thorough review. Each commercial and industrial waste is identified and profiled prior to acceptance. The profile indicates if any special handling requirements are necessary during the shipment and disposal of these wastes at the landfill. Certain wastes require laboratory testing to ensure the waste is acceptable for disposal under Ohio EPA regulations.

As trucks arrive at American Landfill, they weigh in at one of four scales. Loads that have been prescreened are accompanied with a Waste Management manifest (a shipping document describing the waste generator, its contents, and quantity). Cameras are mounted on the roof of the scales to inspect and document loads. Even during the unloading process, operators observe loads to prevent hidden contents. Any unacceptable waste is rejected from the landfill and county, state, and if necessary, federal agencies are notified of the rejections. Records of rejections are kept at the landfill.